Given the task of digitally re-branding the Bank of Montreal, Novramedia’s mission was to improve the customer experience through digital means whilst holding true to the Bank of Montreal brand. The key objectives were to enhance the in-branch experience, reduce perceived wait times and demonstrate corporate responsibility and community involvement.


Deploying a video wall solution accompanied by a single portrait (vertical) panel allowed the client to best reach its goals from a digital perspective. The video wall system, which runs in-house marketing, accompanied by a weather/news/sports feed specifically created by Novramedia for Bank of Montreal, captures its intended audience and allows the client to both advertise the latest promotions while engaging the customers in the branch at the same time.

The single portrait screen acts as a community board for each specific branch. Manager information, branch hours and special community projects are just a few of the custom pieces each branch shares with their customers. This content is managed through the same content management system (CMS) as the video wall. The flexibility of Novramedia’s CMS allows for up-to-date analytics, seamless behind-the-scene updates and constant monitoring to minimize any downtime.


An internal survey conducted by the client revealed a very positive reaction by customers towards the new digital screens. The customers felt more engaged with the digital content as opposed to traditional posters, which are static in nature. Customers also noted that they felt well informed and entertained by the marketing advertisements and news feeds. The success of this project has lead to the continued rollout of well over 2000 screens since the digital re-branding project began in 2006. Novramedia has been the lead digital distributor for all corporate digital signage programs initiated by the Bank of Montreal.

The positive feedback has lead to many special projects between Novramedia and the Bank of Montreal. Most notably, Novramedia was the digital signage lead involved in the complete renovation of the Bank of Montreal’s flagship location in Toronto, First Canadian Place. This 2-year project showcases multiple “mosaic” style video walls, a double-sided monument and various other digital fixtures.